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Parenting boys: what boys need from moms

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In my opinion, boys and girls don't differ much in what they need from moms. Kids' needs are generally universal: love, nurturing, empathy, compassion, respect, support, etc.

The major difference I can think of is reassuring boys that it's ok to cry. I think it's a real disservice to boys when adults, mainly dads, tell young boys not to cry or to suck it up. Also, telling boys that they throw like a girl not only can insult a girl, it can infer that the boy is not being manly enough.

Boys still also need lots of physical and verbal affection from their parents as they get older. Whether the hugs and kisses change to high 5s and fist pumps, every child needs to be told they're loved. It doesn't matter how old you are. You still crave that feeling of being wanted and accepted for who you are.

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Parenting boys: what boys need from moms
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