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Nursing and drinking: how much is safe?

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I don't know how much is safe but I never trusted any amount. When I was breastfeeding I alway did the pump n dump if I had any drinks. You can pump before drinking so baby has milk and the pump after a couple times to ensure alcohol is out of milk supply.


If you have a glass of wine or two or three over hours.. And are eating... I personally wouldn't worry.

Just be real and honest about it. You're not going to be perfect. If you had one too many drinks, it's ok.. Just pump and move on. But you know your body. If you feel drunk or too tipsy.. Then you know it's in your blood .


It is my strong belief that if you plan on drinking, you should pump ahead of time and store your milk for your baby. No amount of alcohol in your milk is safe. Thank being said, after a certain amount of time, and based on how much you have had to drink, the alcohol is no longer in your system and it will be safe to resume nursing. When I was nursing I still pumped and dumped a full 24 hours after I had a drink.

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Nursing and drinking: how much is safe?
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