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What are your preemie success stories?

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My son was born at 37 weeks on Christmas Eve. I got to hold him for a second before they ripped him out of my arms. They ended taking him to the NICU and he stayed there for 28 days. At first he was diagnosed with having fluid in the lungs but then something happened that made them change their mind and believe he had immature lungs. Four hours after his birth they had to perform a spinal tap on him. This informed them that he had PPHN, RDS, double pneumonia, a heart condition where his right side of the heart did all of the work so fast it would hit the wall, immature lungs, infections, and because of the infections he had jaundice on and off the entire time. They gave him only a 10% chance of living. They had him hooked up on a breathing tube that they gave him oxygen and nitrogen through. They had him hooked up to twelve different IVs. They had to give him four blood transfusions. We prayed every day and night for all the days he was in there. On New Year's Eve I brought in the new year by holding my son finally for the first time I was able to actually look at him unlike when he was born. My son will be 8 months on the 24th and if you look at him now you wouldn't know he was ever in as rough of shape as he was at first!:)


My daughter was born at 36 weeks... technically premature, but just barely. She came out face up and had a nasty bruise on her head which the nurses blamed for her slight jaundice. The first night her blood sugar dropped to 28 so they rushed her into the NICU and got her all wired and hooked up. Scariest couple hours of my life. She bounced right back and came home on the fourth day. She's been doing great ever since. She's exclusively breastfed and has gone from the 5th percentile for weight to the 95th percentile! It truly blows my mind because my son was full-term and is still only in the 25th percentile. :)


my son was born at 32 wks (would have been much earlier but with a lot of medical intervention he stayed put until 32). He required c-pap as soon as he was born but thankfully only for about 12 hrs then he was just on oxygen. He stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks. He is now a healthy rambunctious all boy 6 year old!! He has some asthma issues but other that no residual preemie issues anymore.


Grayson was born 5 weeks early weighing 4lb and 13oz. This was the scariest and most wonderful day of my life!

Beside jaundice Grayson was prefect. Was on oxygen in the beginning so I didn't get to hold him for a few hours because I was stuck in my hospital room after the cesarean. But the wait was well worth it! Grayson got to come home with me two days later.

We had some trouble with nursing, as lots of preemie babies do. However now Grayson is growing as he should be, maybe smaller than any full term babies born the same month like other preemies.


Henry was born at 36.5 weeks. Since he was a twin and 37 weeks is considered full term for them, he wasn't very premature.

However, he did have a little bit of trouble breathing after my C-section so they kept him in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for 24 hours of monitoring. They wanted to make sure he could easily breathe on his own.

He was also at a good weight (6 lbs. 13 oz.) so they weren't worried about that. I know with really premature babies, they're kept in the hospital until they're breathing on their own and a certain weight (4 lbs. I believe).

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What are your preemie success stories?
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