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Potty games for toddlers

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I used to set a timer. I always told my son, when you hear this go off.. it's time to take a break and go potty. That seem to work well. With my oldest I used to throw cheerios in the toilet and tell him to dunk them :) Made it into a game. In all honesty each child is different and sometimes even making it "fun" doesn't work. Just stay consistent. Everything will work out when he's ready


Take him to target or wal Mary or some place and let him pick out some tissue packs or as I calked them potty seat covers.

Then when in public potty, make it fun.. You basically place tissues all around the seat to create a barrier and its Warmer and softer for them. Not ideal at home as it clogs the toilet. Lol.

OR there are disposable potties seat covers, etc.

When you're in there, sing a sing or make a game of how many seconds can h count to til they're back out.. Then try to beat some number u made up and then beat it ;) (wink wink)...


When he was home I let him run around half naked. If he had a pull up on he would just pee in it. When he was naked he relized that he had to go use the potty. Never even peed on the floor lol but I also gave him treats when he did go all by himself but I had to stop bcuz he started to think it was a game an tried to pee every two mins just for a treat even if he only squeezed alil pee out hse wanted a treat. But in the end u finally did it. Not to mention I started him on his 2nd bday..good luck.


The more exciting you make it or you seem about all of it the more they will be interested. I do not recommend candy or snacks as a reward though. Then it becomes about the reward and not about using the potty. We tried that with our daughter, giving her an m&m every time she went pee and 2 every time she pooped. She was doing amazing and after a couple weeks we stopped giving her candy. Then once the candy stopped she stopped. And it was a process to get her to start again. But I assure you she did get interested again and only has an accident here and there now. 90% of the time she goes on the potty when she has to.


Drip some blue food coloring into the potty. He will be amazed amazed at how he can turn the water green. Put several of his favorite books in the magazine rack next to the toilet so he can look at them whenever he has to go – or better yet, read to him (though for some children this may be a distraction). Maybe he'd like to cut out paper shapes and use them for target practice.

You can use stickers and a calendar to keep track of his successes. Every time he goes to the potty, he gets a sticker that he can paste onto the page. Watching the stickers accumulate will keep him inspired.

If the stickers themselves aren't enough of a thrill, you can offer an additional reward such as a treat or a wished-for toy when he earns enough stickers or stays dry for a certain number of days in a row.

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Potty games for toddlers
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