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Did you use a potty reward chart for your kids?

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We don't use a chart, but I do make note of it. James has a container on the counter filled with his favorite treats and he knows he gets one if he goes on his potty chair or else lets me know he had just gone. (That one happens the most). This little boy hates being wet or dirty.


I do use a reward chart. It helps. I find whatever she likes helps. I have a question though. My daughter is 2 & half, almost 3. We have been potty training. She does great at home but it is when she has to use the potty not at home without her seat on it that she has trouble & gets scared. Then we have had accidents. How do you all deal with this? I can't carry her little seat around with me! (Although I have seriously thought about it!) Thanks!


we're working with pull-ups and a reward sticker chart... But she's just not getting it. She pulls down her pants, sits down, and nothing.


I used reward chart for my youngest. My middle child didn't train til 4 yrs 3 months... Sadly about two years ago (at age 5) we realized he has medical issues and still does. I just let him run naked. My oldest potty trained mostly in the lady home who babysat here, but she was super easy. It was like she just woke up and was trained!

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Did you use a potty reward chart for your kids?
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