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What to do with old baby books

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One thing you can do with old baby books is store them for your babies to use with their own kids.

I'm a huge fan of book crafts too. You can do all sorts of stuff with book pages and covers... Papier mache, paint on the pages, make Kindle covers from the covers. I've seen people make flowers and even book shelves!


You can keep them for sentiment values or pass that onto your children's children when they are born. Or you can sell them at yard sales. Donate them to church, hospitals, libraries, etc.


Well, I'm not planning on getting rid of them anytime soon! But, I know my mom did one of two things with her babies' baby books. She saved them for grandbabies!!! She put them in storage and saved them She recently sent Lucas a box of goodies and she included 2 books from my childhood: Goodnight Moon and Richard Scary's Best Storybook Ever. If she didn't save them, then she donated them

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What to do with old baby books
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