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Signs of potty training readiness

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Then once I thought they were ready .. enough.. I did it in 3 days.. each... I wasn't about to play around for a month in that gray area potty training zone...

I counted down to last diaper in a package with them... and then the day came and we were done.. I carried PLENTY of change of clothes, etc. and we had our accidents.. but within a day or two.. they were almost there... They didn't WANT to have another accident..

Make rules.. Everyone potties before you leave the house

Everyone potties after dinner... Don;t ask them if they have to go.. they will say no.. they will NOT want to stop what they're doing.. you tell them.. Potty break.. and if they refuse, you say nicely, everyone uses the potty before we leave the house...


We potty trained Henry was he was a little over 3 years old. The process could not have been any easier for us because he was clearly ready and showed signs of interest since he wanted to be like the other boys in his class. My DH and I wanted to wait until we had a long weekend we'd be home so we chose right after Thanksgiving. On the first day, we set a timer for 20-30 minute intervals and had Henry try using the potty every time. He started going on his own so we stopped using the timer the next day.

Pee training happened right away. Poop took a few months longer to master. Night time training happened around the same time as poop. I was actually surprised night time dryness happened so fast. I thought it'd take much longer.

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Signs of potty training readiness
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