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Very active fetus during pregnancy: is it normal?

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There is a huge range of normal when it comes to fetal movement. Some babies will be more active then others and it is common for moms to notice a different in activity for different pregnancies. It is also normal for your baby to have different days or times of day when they are more active then others. If your have any concerns about your babies movement be sure to ask your doctor.


Yup!!! A lot of things can be considered 'normal.' And a very active baby is one of them!! Lucas was very active during pregnancy once he figured out how to move around. I remember my first feel of him was on April 23rd, 2013 and ever since then it felt like it was nonstop!!!! It was so much fun as he got bigger because then you could see every little movement! :D

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Very active fetus during pregnancy: is it normal?
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