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Was your pregnancy a surprise?

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It was a beautiful surprise. That is what a call my son because I dislike the term, "accident." Babies are not accidents. They are beautiful blessings from God.
However, though my son was a surprise, I felt his presence even before I found out I was pregnant. My body was not giving me signs of pregnancy, but I knew within my heart he was there. I know that sounds strange to some, but my mother said she felt us, too.


Definitely a surprise and kind of not. No way planned but not prevented.


they all were a surprise to me.. but this one was the most chocking one due to lack of sex and i found out on APRIL FOOLS DAY so i though the test was playing a joke on me :(


None of mine were really a surprise . They were all planned but some of them came a little sooner than expected . I am cray fertile and get pregnant really easily . Which of course is a big blessing . It just means that when we told ourselves "oh it will take a few months at least " yeah it usually only took a month !! LOL


Yes in no way have I'd planned to be a pregnant at 17 and a mother at 18. But honestly she was a gift sent from God, truly a blessing in disguise.


My first child was a surprise cause I was only 14 years old n still in school I didn't know how I was going to do it with a baby n finishing high school but I stuck it out n did it an here I am 21 with my second child it wasn't planned at all it was a surprise cause I thought I couldn't have another baby n I wanted my daughter to be the only child but now since I been with my boyfriend for almost two years we think of it as a blessing cause this will be his first child


My first child Wyatt was a surprise, I found out I was pregnant with him when I was 14 so I wasn't quite sure how to ale it but I accepted it and done great through pregnancy and becoming a new mother. My second child, Kinsleigh was a HUGE surprise. I wasn't wanting another child for a while considering I was so young but also accepted the fact with her and was 16 when I delivered.

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Was your pregnancy a surprise?
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