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Important things to know about pregnancy

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Morning sickness is awful. If it is really bad you can talk to your doctor about some options for something to help settle your stomach. They make bracelets with pressure points that are supposed to help relieve morning sickness. Also ginger and some teas. I believe my doctor told me to drink raspberry tea with nothing in it to help sooth my tummy.


So we all know how tough pregnancy can be , especially for some people . the list of symptoms of things that you can have while pregnant is a mile long !!! I know I had rough pregnancies because I was so sick , especially with my last one

So I though it would be nice to see what everyone's favorite part of pregnancy was . That one ting that you loved about it or will miss after you are done having babies . Mine is the baby moving in my belly . That has always been my favorite , I could never get enough of that and will always miss it

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Important things to know about pregnancy
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