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Your body during pregnancy and after birth

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Your body goes thru amazing things during pregnancy ,I mean you grow a child for heavens sake !!! Everything grows and spreads and stretches , even your internal organs move to accommodate the growing baby . Our bodies will never be the same as before pregnancy even if you loose all of the baby weight . We should embrace these changes and love our bodies for what they have done !!


I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy and always lost the weight within a few months after birth. I used to get hungry all of the time so I would try and eat fruit, but sometimes that just wouldn't cut it!


So.. did you/are you staying in shape while pregnant? Some doctors proclaim this can really make/break a labor and delivery.. make it smoother, easier and the recovery quicker.9 months isn't a reason to let yourself go! :)- eat right! this doesn't mean you cannot splurge.. but I try to eat right during the work week.. then let myself indulge more on the weekends.- find a fitness activity you love.. find something you ENJOY.. water aerobics, zumba, walking on the treadmill, meeting with a trainer, a barre class (you knew I had too!) ..make something enjoyable part of your routine.

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Your body during pregnancy and after birth
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