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Signs you could be pregnant

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Some women are so sensitive to changes in their body that they know they are pregnant even before their period is due. The sensation has been described as a strange and rather overwhelming sense of calm and fullness. For others it is a feeling of tenderness and tingling in the breasts that is much more pronounced than the usual symptoms that occur before their period starts. You may soon start to notice further changes in your breasts: they will feel heavier and look noticeably larger. Your nipples will continue to tingle, and you may see a change in the color of the areola around the nipple.
You may notice that you need to pass urine more frequently both day and night.
Tiredness and a tendency to feel overemotional and tearful are common.
Some other early symptoms:
-awareness of smell
-strange metallic taste in your mouth
-cravings for certain foods
-missed period

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Signs you could be pregnant
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