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Pregnancy and insomnia: natural treatments

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This is something I said many times when I was pregnant . There can be many reasons that you have trouble sleeping while pregnant . Insomnia affects about 78% of pregnant women and doesn't harm you or your baby .

•Try new sleeping positions

•Prepare yourself for bedtime by taking a warm bath or receiving a nice massage

•Set up your room for a comfortable sleep setting by changing your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and playing some relaxing or natural sounds that can help make you sleepy

•Try relaxation techniques such as the ones you have learned in your childbirth class

•If you still cannot fall asleep you should get up; you might read a book, watch TV, eat a small snack or fix some warm milk

•Exercising during the day

•If you have the opportunity to sleep during the day you should take it!

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Pregnancy and insomnia: natural treatments
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