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Simple stretches to ease pregnancy growing pains

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Daily stretches and light exercise can help reduce pregnancy growing pains. These stretches are easy to do and take very little time. The stretches can be done standing up, sitting down or a combination of both.

First start with your head, lean your neck to each side, then front to back, and then around in a circle. Then your arms, lift them high, stretch them to each side, put them up and down a few times. Do the same with your legs and your feet. You can exercise your body by bending over a few times, bend side to side, stretch high up into the air and then down low to the ground. Focus on each muscle group.

These stretches are also a great way to warm up before your exercise routine. Stretching before exercise can also help to prevent injury during exercise. Take it slow and stay hydrated. If anything hurts it is best to stop and consult your doctor.

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Simple stretches to ease pregnancy growing pains
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