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How many ultrasounds did you get during your pregnancy?

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Oh goodness with my last I had so many !! With my others it was usually 3, one at the beginning just to establish that that little one was in there , one at 20 to see the gender and do all of the measuring and checking things out to make sure baby was healthy . Then one near the end to see what position the baby was in and the fluid level . With my last he had high fluid so the last 2 months I had to have a fluid check once a week and they do that with ultrasound . The upside was I got a ton of great pics of my little man !!


Only one ultrasound is necessary during a routine healthy pregnancy. Some doctor will do an early dating ultrasound and some doctor will do a late term ultrasound if they are not sure of the baby's position.

Additional ultrasounds are only supposed to be done if there is a medical indication for one. Ultrasounds potentially have risks, just like every medical procedure and they should only be done when necessary.

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How many ultrasounds did you get during your pregnancy?
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