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Flu vaccine and pregnancy: is it safe to get?

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I avoid vaccines. I can't even count the horror stories I've heard about them. Since a virus can remain labile (inactive) for years, a person is never truly out of the woods. If you're considering a shot, ask if it contains the whole cell virus and if the virus is killed or live. If you can't get an answer, walk away.


Yes , it is ! An it is very important . Getting sick with the flu is not good for you or baby and it also helps baby from getting sick for the first few months . It carries over to baby and helps keep them protected after birth . It is also important to have other family members or anyone that will be around the new baby get a flu shot also .


i was given the h1n1 shot and the flu shot while i was pregnant with nessah. they monitored the pregnancy and she was fine when she was born just came a little late


Personally I didn't feel comfortable getting any vaccines during pregnancy so I declined the whooping cough vaccine and the flu shot. I got both the day after I gave birth to my baby. I had my husband and kids get the vaccine during my pregnancy to reduce the risk to the baby.

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Flu vaccine and pregnancy: is it safe to get?
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