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Stress and pregnancy: how to relax?

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I had a lot of stress in my last pregnancy , 5 other kids and a lot of family drama going on, it made for a very stressful time . I would try and take a walk or nice warm shower or lay down and have a few minutes to myself just to think and breath . I also had down time in the evenings after the kids went to bed just to veg out and forget about all of the stress for awhile !!!


I was physically miserable with my second. Vericose veins on my legs and my unmentionables. Hurt to stand or walk. I had a toddler and a kinder step son. I was in pain and didn't sleep.

My doctor prescribed me pain meds at one point later in pregnancy .. Because the stress on my body was worse for my BP and baby than a small amount of pain medication possibly getting to her.

I was also given ambien. Which I hate. But took a half to sleep.

Talk to your doctor. Obviously so many people are against any medication during pregnancy but so little gets to them and if you take it as needed not constant the benefits are what you focus on.

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Stress and pregnancy: how to relax?
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