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Do you use ginger during your pregnancy

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Yes. It is a great stomach helper. I would generally get ginger ale or ginger snaps, but I did chew a piece of fresh at my sister's.


I have used ginger before during my pregnancies . Not fresh but in tea or ginger ale to help settle my stomach . It really helps when you are nauseous but I am not a huge ginger fan but the ginger ale really helped settle my stomach when I was really feeling sick .


I experienced nausea throughout my entire pregnancy. It was the worst during the 1st trimester and got bad again around 30/32 weeks. I had a lot of crackers and Ginger Ale!


My doctor had prescribed to me Diclegis when I was having severe morning sickness, (thank God it only lasted throughout the first 4 months) but if you don't want to take any pills, Ginger root and vitamin B6 are supposed to help with nausea.


i don't know if i will get it yet or its just going too come late but i don't have anything now hoping too stay that way my last pregnancy i had too go out too a organic store and buy ginger candy ginger tea and ginger ale it was terrible and i was on 2 different kinds of nausea pills i am hoping this one is going too be better

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Do you use ginger during your pregnancy
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