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How did you find back pain relief during pregnancy?

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I had a lot of back pain with my last pregnancy because I was in a car accident a few months before I got pregnant . It got really bad sometimes . I would try not to stay in one position for long and always put a pillow behind my back . A hot shower would help a lot sometimes . Most of the time I would use the buckwheat packs warmed up in the microwave and put them on my back that seemed to help the most .


Back pain was one of my biggest issues during pregnancy. My doctor suggested I do light exercise and stretches daily and it really helped. I used ice packs and a heating pad on a rotating schedule on my back. I was able to get nightly back rubs from my husband too. I got two professional massages during pregnancy and they helped as well. I swapped out my office chair for a exercise ball and that helped as well.

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How did you find back pain relief during pregnancy?
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