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Can men get sympathy pregnancy symptoms?

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men can experience pregnancy symptoms while their women are pregnant. My hubby had cravings, I did not. He was also hungry and tired all of the time, where as I barely ate and had loads of energy. My son wouldn't be here if not for him. It takes two tango. While he may not have had to deliver OUR child, he is still a major part of the journey. Plus, the poor fella had to put up with my mood swings, being too hot or too cold, and helping with chores, helping my pregnant self out of the tub, attending birthing classes, rubbing my ankles and feet, and more. And then he helped me during the C-Section. Sure, I was the one cut open, but we were in it together. The more formal way to state it would be: "We are expecting a baby" but this actress shouldn't get too heated over one saying, "We are pregnant."

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Can men get sympathy pregnancy symptoms?
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