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What to do if I feel like I hate my baby

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From what I understand, not everyone falls madly in love with their baby as soon as it is born. For some moms, it takes a little while to feel that bond, or connection. But if you actually feel like you hate the baby, you definitely need to seek help. Call your Dr and tell them how you are feeling. Maybe the dad, someone in the family, or even a friend, could come over and help you with the baby for a while each day.


If you feel like you hate your baby please talk to your family about your feelings and seek treatment from your doctor or hospital as soon as possible. It sounds like you have postpartum depression.


maybe you should give your baby to some on how can give it the love you cant give it.lots of woman out their. that would love to have your baby that cant have one...take a break from the baby and see if some one in your family would help you out with the baby tell you can find out what you wont or why you dont like the baby.

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What to do if I feel like I hate my baby
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