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Birth control pills and pregnancy: what if I missed one?

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Well , it is possible to get pregnant even if you miss just one pill . I would keep taking your pills regularly and then if you miss your period take a test . If you have a lot of trouble remembering to take your pills there are other options like the Depo shot or an IUD . There are a couple options for IUds , hormone free is the one I used .It is nice not to have to think about remembering to take a pill every day .


if you miss one use back up protection, i can speak from personal experince, my 1st baby happened bc i missed 2 pills outta the entire month! you can never be TO careful.


If you miss one pill it is possible to become pregnant. Birth control pills need to be taken every single day, at the same time of the day to be the most effective. If you miss a pill you should use condoms for a few days.

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Birth control pills and pregnancy: what if I missed one?
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