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Overprotective, easygoing, other: what type of mom are you?

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I'm pretty easy going for the most part.


I'm very overprotective, I need to know where my kids are at all times and if I don't I panic. We live in a larger metro area so you never know what could happen.


I am very overprotective!People are crazy these days so you have to know where your kids are at all times.I get anxiety if my teenager is even a couple minutes later getting home then was said and when my youngest goes out to play in our apartment complex I also get anxiety if I step out to check on her and she is not in my eyesight and doesn't come right away when I call..I freak out cause so much crazy stuff is happening these days


I am definitely overprotective, I feel lost if I don't know where Deakin is all the time. We live in an apartment complex and have been here for 3 yrs so everybody knows everybody, so we tend to to keep track of all the kids all the time. I make Deakin check in every 20 minutes and he can't leave by himself he has to have a Big Brother of the neighborhood with and has to stay in eyesight. There is too much crime in the streets lately, babies and kids coming up missing, it is ridiculous.


Defintely over protective...Kids these days can be cruel and my daughter has speech issues so more the reason for me to be over protective so no one hurts her feelings


I'd say I'm a pretty easygoing mom for now. When she gets older I'll be an overprotective and strict mom.


I am an easygoing, down to Earth type of Mom. Pretty laid back as long as the rules of common courtesy, respect, honesty are followed.

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Overprotective, easygoing, other: what type of mom are you?
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