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What are the risks of exposure to Fifth disease during pregnancy?

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Most adults have already been exposed to Fifth disease and already have antibodies for it. If you already have antibodies you don't have to worry about being exposed because you can't get it again.

If you are exposed to Fifth disease during pregnancy you need to call your doctor and let them know. Your doctor can order a blood test to check for the antibodies. If you doctor finds out that you are not immune they will monitor you more closely.

It is rare for your baby to have any negative effects from Fifth disease but it does happen. Fifth disease is one of the few infections that can pass from the mom to the fetus during pregnancy. If the baby does get Fifth disease it can be very serious and even deadly. Proactive and aggressive medical treatment might be able to help your baby.

During my fourth pregnancy I caught Fifth disease and it passed to my baby. I didn't even know I had it because I had no symptoms. Our doctor discovered my baby was very sick during an ultrasound. We were given less than a 1% chance that she would survive because she was so sick. Thanks to our specialist the doctor was able to give my baby, still in my womb, a blood transfusion. The blood transfusion saved her life. She is my little miracle baby who beat all the odds!

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What are the risks of exposure to Fifth disease during pregnancy?
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