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Anxiety during pregnancy: how to manage

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I have been having a bit more anxiety since my son has started to wake up at night time again. I get anxious that I'll never sleep once the second baby is here. I know it isn't true but I still get that way sometimes.


I must admit.. in the past few years I definitely have odd anxiety issues.. I haven't gotten them sorted properly, but have come to conclude, to some extent, that I definitely get claustrophobic ​in odd situations.. even alters my driving.. ie.. I steer clear of highways for the most part.. sigh. Anyways. I have come to learn how to cope a bit with it.. or feel a lil episode coming on... I was actually going to get sorted out and checked out and then wham bam, thank you mam... preggo.

Anyways.. I told my one OB nurse, whatever she is, about it.. and that perhaps after they baby is born I can get things looked into further.. she also said that obviously being preggo can heighten things.. and I get that.


being nervous is natural and expected no matter how many times you've given birth. Each pregnancy is different, I can vouch for that. Just make sure you are eating right, walking and getting a good nights sleep. These last few weeks are going to be the most stressing so when you feel anxiety kicking in, just stop what you are doing and take a deep breath and think positive thoughts.


I seemed to love and enjoy it more with each pregnancy (4). My anxiety was less because I knew what was going on. I could laugh more about the things I could not control and wrapped my head around the things that I could.


I'm in my second pregnancy, but I remember so well my anxiety with the first. While labor was no walk-in-the-park, it was so much better than I ever thought it could and would be. In fact, I found it to be really empowering--what an amazing thing to do, to bring a life into the world!

My birth class was called "Birthing Without Fear." It helped me get my head around the experience. Another thing that helped me was to remind myself that women all over the world have been giving birth successfully for thousands and thousands of years.

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Anxiety during pregnancy: how to manage
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