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How to deal with emotions during pregnancy?

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I'm only 5 weeks and am starting to get emotional already! I watched a trailer for a sad & emotional movie, I was crying before the 2:28 clip was over lol. I am going to just let it out whenever I need to. I already know i'm going to be super emotional already.


I suggest giving into the emotions and letting them all out. Bottling them in, even if they are silly makes things worse. Pregnancy does all kinds of crazy things to our emotions.


I remember going through a wide array of emotions during pregnancy and as a new mom. Thankfully, I clued in to those raging hormones after a few pregnancies and took measures to help me cope: resting when baby rested, not letting the housework bother me, calling on friends and my mom to come visit me after baby arrived for extra hands and help and my husband always took time off too.

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How to deal with emotions during pregnancy?
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