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Pregnant and smoking: how to give up?

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If you plan on quitting the smoking habit completely, cold turkey is the most effective method for long-term results. You can also slowly cut back to nothing. However, I've recently quit smoking after trying many, many times using a vape setup. Even fluid that doesn't have nicotine supremely helped curb the urge to light up for me, just the oral fixation of puffing on something was my issue. They do also sell vapor juice that contains nicotine to get you through the addiction, as nicotine is not the main harmful chemical in cigarettes, is only poisonous in high doses (just as water is) and can actually have nootropic effects.


i smoked for 3 years before i became pregnant with my 1st, i personally didnt have a hard time quitting, once i relized i was infact pregnant i put the ciggs down without a second thought, i did pick back up again after she was born, then stopped once again when i became pregnant with my second and did the same with my 3rd, my point is this wasnt hard for me bc of my whole thought process about being pregnant and smoking or doing anything that could be possiably harmful for my child, most handle things diffrently, ive always been one person who can prove if you put your mind to something you can do it one of the main rolls that come to play when your a mother is putting someone else before your own wants and needs, if you indend on doing that when they are in your arms, why cant you do it while your growing them.


smoked for 17 years religiously and quit the second I saw those two pink lines. It can be done. Yes it's hard. It's hard every single day, even now, but I've never looked back.

quitting smoking is the absolute hardest thing you will do. I've been a mom for 5 months and still I think quitting smoking is harder than this. But it's worth it. To know that I did what I had to do to make sure my baby was as healthy as he could be? No feeling like that in the world.. especially no feeling that another smoke could give me.


I was smoking when and drinking when I got pregnant with my soon to be 8 year old. I wasnt smoking a whole lot. Mostly AL Capone Cigarello (a pack of 10ish could last up to 1 month), a good cigar if my husband didn't steal it , lasted a few days and my last pack of clove cigarettes lasted over a month.

I haven't started smoking again though sometimes if I smell a good cigar or a clove cigarette I do take a deep breath in.


I smoked for a couple of months during my pregnancy and my daughter came out just fine. My mom smoked almost 3 packs a day every day she was pregnant with me, and I turned out just fine. Lots of women in my family smoked during their pregnancies. Not saying it's good, but you do it at your own risk. I don't think women should be scolded for smoking if they're pregnant because there's no guarantee that something bad will happen. It could, but it also could not. They know the risks, so leave them alone. If their child is born with problems because of them smoking during their pregnancy, then that's their fault. But if their child comes out fine, then all is well. How many women drink tons of caffeine and text while they drive WHILE they're pregnant? Do drugs while they're pregnant? Women put themselves in less than desirable situations while pregnant, not just smoking.

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Pregnant and smoking: how to give up?
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