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Drinking tea while pregnant: how much and what kind?

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I would be careful with the caffeine. But I was always told tea was fine. A nurse gave me a tip during my last pregnancy because I'm sick and tired of water (been pregnant or breastfeeding for five years now). When you get a cup of coffee or tea, get a cup of water too. Every time you need a drink, take a drink of water first to quench your thirst, then water the other drink is.


I think for the most part most tea is just fine to drink . I would stick to herbal teas as others have caffeine and you need to limit your caffeine while pregnant . I drank a lot of peppermint tea while I was pregnant , it helped my stomach a lot . I even brewed it iced , it was really good and refreshing that way !!

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Drinking tea while pregnant: how much and what kind?
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