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What is your pregnancy exercise routine?

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Walking and doing your kegels will help strengthen your pelvic muscles for the BIG DAY. And the cool thing about kegels (besides building pelvic muscles), is that you can do them just about anywhere and anytime. You can do them while folding, laundry, washing dishes, shopping, chatting online, reading, or while working for example

Other exercises I did were simple leg lifts on the bed or up against a wall. I also had my yoga ball.


Yoga can be super good for you and baby both while you are pregnant With a few modification you can continue thru your pregnancy .It can help you bond with your unborn babe and help prepare you for labor and childbirth Many yoga poses not only help prepare the body for giving birth, but also can be helpful during labor. Yoga strengthens the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles, improves circulation, aids digestion, exercises the spine and increases overall comfort." Yoga can also help alleviate many of the common aches and discomforts of pregnancy, such as constricted breathing, constipation, swelling, back pain, sciatica and insomnia. I never did do yoga while pregnant although I wish I had .


I definitely do a lot of swimming this pregnancy! It is the best form of exercise for me! I do about 10 laps, then I just lounge around. It helps so much with the aches and pains of this pregnancy. I love how weightless I feel.

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What is your pregnancy exercise routine?
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