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Having sex while pregnant: what's ok, what's not

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My hormones were crazy when pregnant and I went threw episodes where that's all I wanted to do lol. Its fine to have sex while pregnant as long as its comfortable for you.


Sex during pregnancy for the most part is usually safe unless you have complications and the doctor has told you not to . Now that being said , it isn't always enjoyed by the pregnant momma !! Our belly's get huge and things hurt and ache and it just isn't the fun it normally is . There was a small window of time when I was like ok fine lets do this , after the first super sick months and before I got so incredibly uncomfortable . I think my poor hubby was having withdrawals by the time I finally had the baby and recovered . Now we did have sex to try to get labor started with number 4 and 5 but it was not nice in the least bit !!!! Now I have heard that some women have amazing sex while they are pregnant , I wouldn't have minded being one of them but no such luck !

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Having sex while pregnant: what's ok, what's not
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