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Pregnancy and belly growth: did you take month by month pictures

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With my daughter, I didnt take any belly pictures, honestly I only gained 11 lbs and I only weighed 100lbs when I got pregnant, you couldn't tell I was pregnant, and since I was so small to begin with it didn't even really look like I gained weight to anyone other than me and my husband.
This time I didn't take any until I was about 5 months, this was when you could tell that I was pregnant, I'm not 38.5 weeks and have taken about one pic a month, mainly so that my out of state family can see the progress. I was again only about 100lbs when I got pregnant, but have gained 34lbs this time.


I'm going to do that for this pregnancy and it seems like I'm showing already even though I'm almost 8 weeks!


Sadly no. During my pregnancy I never took monthly belly photos because the pregnancy was a secret. I only took two pictures during my pregnancy but my belly is covered by my scarf, my belly was sooo tiny that you couldn't even tell I was pregnant.


I did not I was super self conscious about my body and belly and just didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of it . I have seen so many neat thing women have done though with their weekly or monthly bump pictures .I do have a few from my first couple of pregnancies but they are not digital so I would have to dig them out . I might though because I have one I do like with my sister in law and I both pregnant with our second and we were about 6 weeks apart . We posed with our bellies touching !!


I don't really take month by month pictures of my belly unless asked by my mom or cousin, I have maybe 3 or 4 belly pictures and they're not the best quality either, I'm not really one for taking pictures of myself although it would have been cool to see the transition from when I found out at 7 weeks to now


I took so many photos of my belly throughout my pregnancy, I made a collage of the pregnancy and here is one of my favorite too.


I really regret not taking more pictures of myself during pregnancy. I took a few but not monthly, and I should have. Here is one of my favorite belly photos.

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Pregnancy and belly growth: did you take month by month pictures
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