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I think I may be pregnant: signs to watch

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everything and anything that seems a little off, wether its a missed/early shortened, lighter period that normal, or sore breasts, nausea, headaces , and mood swings, those were my main signs I had with my kids that never failed.


had no clue I was pregnant until my period was mega late and I tested. With the girls, I just had gut feelings. With both of them I was pretty confident I was pregnant, but was getting negative tests (my cycle hadn't returned with either of them, so I didn't really know when to test). With Audrey, morning sickness showed up before a positive test did


My breasts were tender and swollen, my back was aching, I was really tired and moody, and extremely nauseous. The only weird thing was that I was throwing up everyday from the nausea, which worried me cause I thought I was getting sick with this food sensitivity I had again even though I hadn't been eating any of the trigger foods

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I think I may be pregnant: signs to watch
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