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Does having a baby strengthen your relationship?

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I truly believe so! Well for some it does and for others not so much. All I know is that me having this baby has brought Andre & I more love and understanding for each other. I was watching TV the other day and this lady was expecting, her and her partner were so open it was beautiful to me. I can't wait for that with Andre & I.

On the other hand after loosing Leilani her father's relationship and I ended. With Julianna's father we never had a relationship and we all know what he did. So you have the good and bad but it's worth it in the end :)


You will both be stressed out, tired and also trying to figure out how your relationship and parenting can go hand in hand.

It's not easy. Just being honest.

The thing is, you will see your partners strengths and weaknesses during this time. It is how you learn how you work together, which may be that you work together very well! It may give you a further appreciation for each other too which can make your bond even stronger.


Having a baby won't strengthen your relationship right away. A baby may even make him leave, or he could stay with you and raise him/her. If he stays then that helped strengthen the relationship and made you two stronger as a couple.

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Does having a baby strengthen your relationship?
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