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Pack and Play crib: why is it needed?

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In the beginning we used our Pack and Play in our family room for our babies to nap in during the day. It was just more convenient to put them in there opposed to upstairs in their bed. Once they got a little older and started napping in their own crib we took the pack and play down. Now we use it for travel when we go to a hotel or Grandma's house.


We use the bassinet in ours when they are little. It holds the burp rags, too. But we might use it for longer this time to keep Grace safe(r) from her wild older siblings as she is learning to sit when I have to be in the kitchen cooking.


Our daugther slept in it for the first month in our room. We use it when we travel overnight to someone's house or a hotel so our daugther has a safe place to sleep. Since she has started crawling, we keep it set up in the main living area so if we need to take care of something quick, we can put our daugther in there with some toys and we don't have to worry about her getting into something.

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Pack and Play crib: why is it needed?
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