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Preventing pregnancy: suggestions for birth control

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I would go to a good gyno and ask them what your options are as far as hormone-free or low-hormone birth control. The only problem with birth control that uses other things instead of hormones is that it can mess with your body a lot. Like Yaz did. It used potassium as it's main form of birth control but it messes with your potassium levels, obviously, and can make you really sick. So I would make sure you go over the risks vs. benefits with each form of birth control and the gyno will help you pick out which one will work best.


Microchip birth control that can be turned off by the woman without a trip to the doctor. It's a hormonal implant that can last up to SIXTEEN YEARS. It's currently in development.

I find this to be fascinating and exciting news! Let's hope for no birth control hackers though...


I am a depo provera user. Even though this being said that I do use birth control and have been on the shot for 2 1/2 years now I don't really agree with it. I did at first because I didn't really want anymore babies anytime soon but the longer I have been on it the more my thoughts have changed. I thought I would like the shot making my period just disappear but honestly I don't. Having a menstrual cycle is part of mother nature and a necessary thing in my opinion and in best interest for your health because when taking birth control that makes it stop in reality it's just clogging you up with old dry blood that when it does come out it will be black and I just don't see how in any way that is healthy. Also without a period you can't ovulate and if you do wish to become pregnant again you have- 1) Stop taking your birth control 2) Wait for the medication to completely exit your body and 3) Wait for your hormones and menstrual cycle to completely straighten itself out.


I am on the Implanon birth control. Well I've been sick like no other and back and forth to the hospital. I did my own research because half the time I do not believe what all doctors say and I had this weird feeling that there is more to it than what they were telling me. I did some research on my birth control and one of the big side effects to consult to your OB are when you think you are having a Ectopic Pregnancy. I looked what that was. I had shown all the exact same symptoms including the bleeding (that suppose ably the doctors couldn't explain why I was bleeding) I have read that you can get pregnant on this birth control but basically it causes a Ectopic Pregnancy

(any IUD can cause this) which you would have to have the baby removed.


I have the Nexplanon. Its a birth control option that last for three years. its the size of a matchstick and is inserted into your upper arm. no need to take the pill everyday, plus it is safe for those who smoke, its easily removed before the three years up, and helps with periods. only downfall is you will have a scar about the size of pencil head eraser. I def recommend this to you moms!


There are many different ways to prevent pregnancy and many types of birth control . There is the pill , IUDS , ones with hormones in them and ones without . There is the depo shot and the patch that you change every month . I know there are more than I can even thing of . Of course condoms and spermicides and other things you can buy over the counter . If you are done having kids you or you SO can also have a permanent method . You can have your tubes ted or he can have a vasectomy .


I take the pill, but I've always hated the side effects, so I'm thinkin once we move I'll try one of those...thingies...they put down there that can prevent pregnancy 98% for up to 5 years, if you choose to leave it in that long. The big draw to that for me is the lack of hormonal mess ups. Plus...I did get pregnant on the pill, so I no longer really trust it that much

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Preventing pregnancy: suggestions for birth control
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