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Pregnancy education: why take childbirth classes?

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At my hospital, they give three childbirth classes...the first teaches about the different techniques of childbirth (such as breathing and pain management) and she showed us simple breathing...the second class we discussed the importance of a birthing plan, the different phases of labor and what to do if your water breaks...the third class would've been the tour of the birthing wing...but six or seven hours after the second class, my water broke...I did get to see the birthing wing...


A good childbirth class will explain the physiology of pregnancy, describe the best breathing techniques for labor, help you prepare yourself for an active birth, provide exercises that will make you stronger for the day itself, give a full description of pain-relieve options, give advice on basic baby care for the days and weeks following the birth. One of the best spin-offs from attending a childbirth class is the chance to meet women who are having babies at around the same time as you and who live in your area. Many women find that they make wonderful, enduring friendships in their prenatal classes.


I strongly suggest you take a childbirth class, they will teach you about all of your options. They will also teach you natural coping techniques to handle the pain.

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Pregnancy education: why take childbirth classes?
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