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Baby growth spurts signs

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Monroe and I had a lovely first day solo yesterday.. until night fall came... (insert eye bulge) oh baby... this dude, was not happy, unless being fed.. like all night like it seemed. My husband and I looked up his weekly progress and it said he could be going through a growth spurt, already, eek! I also think it could be him trying to "up" my milk supply to keep up with him.. but goodness, it was taxing.

Any Mamas remember a little feeding frenzy about 2 weeks in


so I think my little guy is going through a growth spurt. He has been really fussy not sleeping much , waking up a lot more though the night, wanting to nurse more and eating more baby food. Plus these past few days he has napped a lot and even took almost a 2 hour nap ( which has never happened even when he was a newborn he didn't nap that long)


My little boy must be growing again. He has been eating what i think is a lot for him.

So far he has had all this and its only half way through the day.

Breakfast- 7oz bottle and a handful if cherrios

Snack- baked graduated toddler cheese crackers( its new thing i saw at walmart)

Lunch- 6oz bottle, some puffs as he couldnt wait, half a grilled cheese sandwhich, and a full jar of baby food

After afternoon nap u will give another snack after we pick up kids from school, then he usually has a before dinner bottle around 4 and 4:30pm, and we dinner around 5 and 5:30. Plus he gets a bottle before bed time

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Baby growth spurts signs
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