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Reviews of Parents Choice baby diapers

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We used Parent's Choice not too long ago (because they were out of Luvs!!) and I have to say they weren't my favorites haha. They didn't smell fresh (they smelled like nothing) and for Lucas anyways, they didn't hold his overnight pee very well. He woke up after the first night and his back as all wet!! Luckily that's when he decided to go through a phase of getting up a million times in the night to eat and have a diaper change, so he didn't have to wear one diaper all night long like the first night. Hmmm....coincidence...? He went back to Luvs after those ran out and is sleeping through the night better again. Interesting correlation going on here, huh? lol. :) But they were decent enough to use when our favorite diapers were not in stock I guess. :)

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Reviews of Parents Choice baby diapers
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