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Recipes for toddler meals

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One favorite in our house is baked macaroni and cheese. I don't really use measurements, it's more about how things look but I will link an online recipe if you will need measurements.

Basically you need pasta noodles (whatever shape you like, I tend to stick with elbow macaroni), shredded cheese, eggs, flour, milk and butter. Cook the noodles to al dente then pour them in a casserole pan. Mix in two eggs (one if you don't want it to stick together as much) and let sit while you make the cheese mix.

In a pot add flour, milk, butter and shredded cheese. Like I said, I don't use measurements but what I look for is about 3/4 of the pot to be full of liquidy, cheesy goodness. When that is ready you mix it into the pasta.

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Recipes for toddler meals
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