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Where to find legitimate work from home jobs

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Hello! I am an independent consultant for Rodan and Fields. They're one of the best skincare lines in the nation. I love my discount on their products, and I adore the women I work with. They are all driven, hardworking, smart, and put their families first. You work as little or as much as you want to. It has allowed me to go from being a full-time 45+ hour/week physician to a part time <20 hours/week position , and I anticipate decreasing my hours even further! Feel free to send me a message if you're curious and would like to hear more about the opportunities through R&F!


Looking for an online only work from home job. Please help with any suggestions...Thanks!


Hi mommies!! I work from home through Melaleuca!! It's a home wellness company. I don't do any sales, I just help enroll people and work at my own pace. If you are interested pm me for more information.


Hi mamas I partner with melaleuca for my work from home job I just started in October and I'm now earning an average of $150 a month it's not much but it's helpful with so much potential to grow my mentor brings home just over $6grand a month doing this. It is really easy and it's at your own pace at this point in time I just set up appointments with my mentor who does educational presentations on toxins and all aspects of health. By this time next year I plan to do presentations also. I help enroll customers to the online club that is like whole foods but target prices and they buy whatever they want I do not sell anything to them. It's great because we have everyday stuff not luxury things so we have something for everyone pm me if you want more info


I'm a Independent Sales Representative for Avon


Hello beautifull mommies....Need help here. I am looking for Work from home opportunities without registration fees like : Data entry/customer care. Anyone know please ping me. thanks in advance.


I work for a company called Nerium International. It's a very popular anti-aging skincare company. I have 3 kids and I'm a stay-at-home-mom who wanted to earn some income. These products really work (they really do!) and they are easy, one-step process.
This has been a great way to feel good about myself and bring in some money.
Please let me know if you are interested. :)



Hi, I am still looking for a legit at home job, and still no luck. Oh, home.com did not come up with jobs it shows a real estate web page. If
anyone has a tip for a real at home job, no sales and very little start up if any let me know. My daughter and I would appreciate it.


Am mother off 3 kids 2 month 2 years and 12 years I really need job to support my kids like home job can u guys pleas help


Hi there! My name is Lenore and I work from home with Work At Home United. We are a team of moms working together to promote a wholesale wellness company that offers a 100% risk free home business opportunity. We don't have to have parties, keep inventory, or deliver any products. We offer free training and unlimited support. We are looking for new moms to partner up with this year! Visit my website for more info! http://www.work athomeunited.com /lenore1
Serious inquiries only please

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Where to find legitimate work from home jobs
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