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How to get rid of swollen feet during pregnancy?

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During pregnancy one of the biggest annoyances I had were swollen feet , I was so swollen that I could not even wear my own shoes ! One of the best home remedies that eased my discomfort were delicious salt baths . So I want to share with you how to do it at home is ideal to always have on hand and repeat 1 time a week to keep your feet from swelling.

You need :

1 cup Epsom salt , you get it at the pharmacy

8 bags of black tea

Lavender essential oil (or your favorite smell ), optional only for aromatherapy.

Epsom salt is different from the traditional naturally as it is composed of magnesium sulfate. These minerals have health benefits can enhance the detoxification capacity of the body, relieve swelling , is a muscular, exfoliating relaxing, seal the natural moisture of the skin and eliminate odor.

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How to get rid of swollen feet during pregnancy?
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