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Starting solid foods: share tips and advice

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Our babies never had pureed foods, we always just started solids with table foods at 6 months. By 8 months, they were eating just about everything we ate.


Convention says around six months. The fall is a great time to start solids because you can get fresh food from farmers markets and make your own.


I would start back on square one to week out the culprits. Go back to formula only for 3-4 days. You may need to give her an extra bottle per day, but it's only temporary. If her reactions clear up then you know the formula is okay. Then add ONE TYPE of solid food for the next 4 days. If they're aren't any reactions you know that food is good too. Add another, wait 4 days, add another, wait 4 day, and so on. Always watch for reactions in her skin or bowel movements and maybe keep a running list of what's okay and what's not.

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Starting solid foods: share tips and advice
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