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Group B strep and pregnancy: what do I need to know about

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As many as 40 percent of women already have Group B strep in their bodies. The bacteria are commonly found in the vagina and rectum.It isn't a sexually transmitted infection. You can have it without knowing you have it and wont usually have any symptoms or feel sick . It can harm your baby though and is one of the leading infectious killers of newborn babies . It can be treated easily to prevent your baby from contracting it during birth . They will do a swab during your 35th or 36th week and if you test positive you will need to have IV antibiotics during your labor . I had it with my last 4 pregnancies and it was not a big deal at all and the babies were fine !!

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Group B strep and pregnancy: what do I need to know about
04/01/17Moment of the day
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