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Children's Sunday School lessons: Noah's Ark

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Noah's Ark is one of the most familiar Bible passages for kids and adults. This lesson is about obedience and God keeping his promises.

First, gather the children and read aloud the biblical text in Genesis 9: 8-17. Ask them if they know what a promise is. Should promises ever be broken?

Give children a printout of an animal to color and cut out. Make sure there are 2 of each kind of animal. When they're done coloring, have them cut out their animals and glue them in the middle of a long strip of paper. This will create an animal headband they can wear. Fasten the headband so it fits snugly. Ask the children what noises their animals make and how they move around.

The time has come for Noah to round up the animals to bring them to the ark. Clear a section of the room and arrange chairs in twos to represent the ark. Have the children pair off by animal and line up. Lead the animal parade to the ark and have them sit in the seats.

Children can sing Rise and Shine/The Arky Arky Song.


Hold up a picture of a rainbow and tell them it has stopped raining so the animals can exit the ark and go back home.

After the activities are done, offer a snack of animal crackers.

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Children's Sunday School lessons: Noah's Ark
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