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Reasons why homeschooling is a bad idea

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I don't knock home schooling, and if i could home school my son i would cause of the things that are going on in today's school with the shooting. I would rather have him home safe with me. But in turn you can't always shelter your kids from violence. Kids always need to be around other kids,and my son loves to be around his teachers and fellow class mates. Home schooling just does not give other kids that attachment they long for with there other peers. They don't get that chance to socialize ,study , etc,,, They miss out on a lot of things that kids in school get to do.


School is scary. But it teaches some very important lessons. Avoiding the bullies or germs or whatever else school has that homeschooling wouldn't doesn't fix the problem or teach children how to deal with them... it just avoids them.

school teaches some very valuable life lessons that are harder to teach without the school environment.

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Reasons why homeschooling is a bad idea
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