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Starting school: tips for preparing a sensitive child

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Starting school can be tough for any kid, especially kids who are sensitive. It's normal for jitters to occur but for a sensitive child, it can feel overwhelming and cause major anxiety.

If you have a sensitive child, try to understand what they're going through. You may find it difficult to raise them. They don't deal well with too much stimulation, loud noises, changes in the environment and by the emotional states of others. Acknowledge their feelings. Echo them back. Be empathetic. Don't dismiss them.

Talk to your child's teacher before school starts, if possible. Make them aware of what's going on. Having the right teachers attuned to their students' concerns can make a huge difference.

Mark the days on the calendar so they know the first day of school is approaching. Talk it up. Make it sound super fun and exciting. Get them involved in back to school shopping.

If you can, try to arrange a play date with one or two future classmates. Having a friend before school starts can help both of them.

Role play with your child how to respond to questions or situations they may have difficulty with.

Make sure they're well rested and fed before going to school.

Re-establish meal and bedtime routines. This gives children comfort in the predictability.

Be your child's biggest cheerleader. They're in tune with your emotions so fake the enthusiasm if you have to. Don't let them pick up on your anxieties.

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Starting school: tips for preparing a sensitive child
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