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Back to school supplies: backpacks

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Your preschooler child doesn't need a big or fancy backpack. You'll want to look for one depending on their age and size. A mini backpack will do the job nicely.

Shopping for a backpack together is way to get kids excited about going to preschool. Kids love picking out their own style. You should have them try it on in the store to see how well it fits them. It shouldn't be too big or bulky or have it hang down to their bottom.

The backpack should have adjustable straps and also be sturdy enough to carry a lunch, change of clothes and some art work. You may also want to consider the type of backpack material and whether it's easy to clean. Kids are tough on their backpacks so they will get dirty. Consider whether you want a material that you can easily spot clean or the ability to throw the whole thing into the wash. If you can find backpacks with at least one side pocket to store a water bottle, it would be a handy feature to have.

Also, I personally would not recommend having the backpack monogrammed with their names or initials. When teaching children to be careful around strangers, having the child's name on the backpack allows strangers use it to their advantage. Some children think that if someone knows or says their name, they may not be a stranger. By removing this potential risk factor, I think it reduces the possibility a stranger incident happening.

Do label your child's backpack on the inside though. You'd be amazed how many kids carry the same or very similar looking items.

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Back to school supplies: backpacks
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