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Back to school shopping tips

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As a mom who's done back to school shopping for several years now, my biggest piece of advice is to be prepared before you go. Make a list of your own or use the one from the school if you can obtain it ahead of time. Do your research and price comparisons online. Determine if your child has to wear school uniforms or if they can wear regular clothes.

Consider which items to go cheap on and which ones to pay more money for. In my experience, shirts get trashed, as in ripped and stained, so it hasn't been worth it to pay lots of money for them. The backpack, however, was worth the extra money last year. It was in such great shape at the end of the school year that Henry will use it again this year. You can barely even tell it was used.

Involve your children as much as possible. Know their sizes. Get them excited about starting school by giving them a couple choices to pick from with regard to their backpack, lunchbox, and clothes if possible. Kids like to feel a part of the back to school shopping experience.

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Back to school shopping tips
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