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Deaing with elementary school bullying poorly

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If your child is dealing with a bully at school and is reacting poorly then it is time to get involved. Every child has a right to a free and appropriate education in our country, and bullying is not an appropriate environment for any child to deal with. With that in mind, start talking to the school administrators. If they doesn't help go above their heads! Your child deserves and has the right to an environment that is safe for them in school.


Some ideas to start are as follows...

— get in contact with the appropriate school person (ie… teacher, nurse, principal, parents group..)

— express your interest in helping spread awareness about bullying, stopping it in your own school and wanting to be a resource for kids

— make a plan, make a name, make it come to life

— network with other parents who feel the same way… who want to stop something before it ever starts

— set time aside for planning, meeting, working together

— know that you can make a difference, just one person can

— get the kids involved! if your own kids take pride in what you want to accomplish… chances are that their friends will want to too


We have VERY little incidences of bullying at our school. I don't know if it is because of the group, but I think it does help. We also have a very special staff in that they truly all get along very well and that helps to because they are all working together rather than being separate.

I also love the own bathroom thing too. I went to an elementary school in this same district and we did not have this My kids school is newer..I think all newer elementary schools in our district have bathrooms in each classroom.

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Deaing with elementary school bullying poorly
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