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What to feed a toddler for breakfast?

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My daughter love her bananas and organic puff o's that have sweet potato rice and apple juice in them. I give her water in a sippy cup she drinks throughout the day. We also have pancakes (plain or flavored with fruit or vegetable) waffles, I give her applesauce sometimes to dip it in or coconut yogurt. We have a smoothie in the mornings or for brunch most days.
Finger foods are the best.


Elise loves cheese puffs,Oatmeal, eggs, cheese, bread, cheerios and breast milk in the mornings depending her mood. I would definitely not give her cookies or donuts. Its not healthy.


I don't ever give my son cereal unless its from my bowl. If you are really strapped for time and your child can eat from a spoon I would suggest yogurt such as the greek kind that is full of protein. I give it to my son about twice a week and he loves it. I am a stay at home mom and have the time to cook him eggs but when I don't really feel like cooking I give him yogurt. I also will give him bread with fruit and that's it. Its light and filling and also good for him. When I used to work I would sometimes cook pancakes on sunday and reheat them throughout the week but I wouldn't do that too often. Kids don't really need eggs everyday or big breakfasts, thats what my ped told me. I hope this helps, :)


Now that Avery is eating basically the same stuff we eat I'm trying to get away from making separate meals for her.

I don't feel like cold cereal everyday is good for a toddler. It's not very balanced and it's kind of hard to eat. I don't want to make something super complicated every morning for her, though. I don't have time for that.

I started thinking back to what I ate growing up. I can't remember back to toddler days but in elementary school and up I had either cereal, toaster waffles/pastries, or an english muffin for breakfast. My husband's parents made him eggs pretty much every morning for breakfast, which seems like to much effort to me LOL.

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What to feed a toddler for breakfast?
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